Patient Services Coordinator

Summary of Responsibilities

This position will work directly with the Front Office Coordinator for the smooth functioning of the reception/registration aspects of our Center. They will be primarily responsible for maintaining the daily schedule, answering multiple phone lines, and obtaining patient registration information on a daily basis.


  • High School Graduate
  • Trained in Medical Office protocol.
  • At least one year of experience in a Medical Office setting with a working knowledge of Medical terminology. Prior experience with scheduling desired.
  • Previous experience with multiple phone lines, and routine front office equipment, e.g. fax, copier, postage machine.
  • Above average computer skills needed, e.g. experience in all aspects of MS Office.
  • Pre-employment physical with additional testing as required to meet OSHA standards


    The duties and responsibilities of the Patient Service Coordinator include, but are not limited to:

    1. Schedules the appointment and completes patient demographic and insurance information
      1. Accurately schedule a patient for a procedure or change an appointment in the automated scheduling system.
      2. Calls patients that chose the phone interview option to complete their registration form, asking all questions in a professional manner.
      3. Accurately enter data into all billing screens.
      4. Reviews all registration forms generated from the computer or received by fax. Follows up by phone call, if any pertinent information is incomplete.
    2. Prepares and reviews data prior to the day of the procedure
      1. Verifies the accuracy of the next day’s schedule and prints the completed registration forms and appointment schedule from the billing system on the morning of the working day prior to procedure date to ensure that all data is complete.
      2. Assembles chart paperwork and checks that all papers have the patient’s identification sticker
      3. Calls all patients the day before the procedure as a reminder of the date and time and verifies that patient knows how to get to the facility. Reminds patient to bring their insurance card with them and why this is necessary.
      4. Prints billing sheet the working day prior to the procedure date. Places sheet in designated location in the Procedure area.
      5. Prepares the patient identification bracelet.
      6. Verifies the presence of a consent form for the procedure.
    3. Greets Patients on the day of the procedure
      1. Greets the patient and escort in a friendly and professional manner
      2. Verifies the correct procedure and correct physician with the patient and has the patient sign the consent. Ensures the patient understands the informed consent and does not have any additional questions for their physician. Then signs and dates the consent as the witness.
      3. Verifies the correctness of the information on the ID bracelet, utilizing proper patient
        identification then applies it to the patient’s wrist.
      4. Asks the patient to review and sign the registration form, noting any changes. Makes a copy of the front and back of the insurance cards and verifies the information on the card against the registration form. Enters any changes into the billing system.
      5. Explains the center policy on Advanced Directives, the grievance process and Patient Rights and Responsibilities to the patient.
      6. Explains the Financial Policy to the patient, obtains the patient’s signature, records the date and returns a copy to the patient.
      7. Assembles the chart, places the chart on a clipboard, leaving the Pre-Assessment Record on top for the Admitting Nurse.
      8. Asks the patient and escort to sit in the reception area and notifies the nursing staff to make them aware that the patient is ready.
      9. Answers the questions of family/friends regarding the progress of the procedure and informs them of any delays (the Recovery room Nurse will keep the Patient Services Coordinator notified).
      10. Directs the family/friends to the Recovery Room as needed, explaining to them the reasoning for only one family member per patient.
    4. Miscellaneous Duties
      1. Efficiently and courteously answers multiple phone lines and directs calls as appropriate. Able to give clear, concise directions to the Center.
      2. Maintains an adequate inventory of stationary, printed forms, copy paper and dictation tapes and coordinates ordering with his/her supervisor.
      3. Maintains a supply of charts compiled.
      4. Places initialed copy of Pathology report in chart and files medical charts as needed.
      5. Operates and troubleshoots computer, fax, copier and printer.
      6. Troubleshoots Microsoft Outlook, the electronic medical record system, the billing system, prints reports and prepares daily tape backup.
      7. Informs their supervisor of any problem with the schedule (e.g. no shows, cancellations, delays).
      8. Opens the Center in the am for patients, turning off the alarm and checking for any signs of unauthorized entrance.
      9. Keeps the reception area neat and clean during the day (throwing out cups, straightening magazines, etc.)
      10. Completes any request for a copy of medical records at the direction of the Facility Manager.
      11. When directed, can initiate the “911” call, and gives information according to policy.
      12. Performs additional duties as directed (within the scope of training) e.g. gives pre-procedure instructions to patients.
      13. Attends all staff meetings and in-service classes on regularly scheduled days.
      14. Complies with the various incident reporting systems of the Center, e.g. Adverse Incident.
      15. Other duties as assigned by supervisor or manager.

    Job Relationships

    • Works under the direction of the Front Office Coordinator; reports to the Administrator.
    • Works cooperatively with Endoscopy Center co-workers, the staff of Physicians utilizing the
      Endoscopy Center and the external billing company representatives.
    • Presents a friendly, courteous, and helpful manner in all interactions with patients and other

    Physical Activities and Requirements

    • Possesses good physical health, capable of working in a demanding environment.
    • Able to perform the basic functions of the job including extended hours, standing, bending, and stretching with frequent trips to all areas of the Center.
    • Able to lift, and carry supplies and equipment as needed.
    • Possesses manual dexterity, hearing acuity, and visual acuity, which are important to the performance of the job tasks.
    • Speaks clearly and distinctly to perform extensive communication with other staff members, patients, and their families/escorts, physicians, vendors and other third parties.
    • Appears professional at all times.
    • Wears professional attire as dictated by center policy.

    Starting pay range is $19-22/hour.