What Our Patients are Saying

If I ever need another one in the future, this place will be my first choice!

So, I read some of the reviews that said avoid the payment plan which I did and charged my wallop of a fee straight to my credit card to avoid all that (I have a high-deductible insurance plan).

When folks say it was as pleasant an experience as you can get with this sort of procedure at this place, they ain’t lyin’. I went for a colonoscopy at Doc Martin Wolff’s suggestion, my first ever, at such a young age, and was a little more than nervous. The fact that EVERYONE was so friendly helped put me at ease. And I mean EVERYONE, from the front desk receptionist who helped joke with me to the wonderful young asian nurse who did everything in her power to make sure I was comfortable and entertained as she prepped me before the procedure, to the anesthesiologist Dr. Park who was super kind and took the time to explain the sedation and answer my questions (and yes, I HAD SOME) and pricked my little hard-to-find vein with ease.

The office runs like a well-oiled machine, so wait times are ridiculously minimal. Once I was on my side (my head on a soft pillow no less), and they hooked up the IV, Dr. Park said “It might feel a little uncomfortable as the Propofol goes in…” Which it did. I felt a strong feeling in my bicep. That’s the last thing I remember before the nurse in recovery was talking to me and I opened my eyes like where am I??? But then she offered me apple juice and popcorn which was oh-so-welcome after not having eaten solid food in over 24 hours. I left that place with souvenir pics of my intestinal insides, slightly high and seeking pasta, not even bloated by the procedure (how do they DO it?) and super impressed by how comfortable, friendly and PAINLESS the entire process had been (you know, minus that darned 24-hour prep). If I ever need another one in the future (grarr rarr rarr, hopefully not?), this place will be my first choice!

- Quandra T.

Great customer service!

Great customer service! I was very happy to receive a call from the office to go over my benefits and my responsibility for the procedures ahead of time. The facility is super clean. Overall, it was a pleasant experience.

- Yuliya M.

I can’t recommend enough.

Highly recommend. I had an endoscopy done with Dr. Glick, Dr. Park, Lequan, and Jodi. They were all wonderful and so supportive and accommodating. Let me say, I was terrified going in to the procedure but moving forward, if and when I need another endoscopy I feel completely at ease. My pre and post op nurses were also wonderful and caring. I apologize for not remembering their names, I was terribly anxious at the time. I can’t reccommend enough.

- Jessica K.

I will be recommending my family for a great experience as well.

I had an Endoscopy at Liberty Endoscopy Center And it was one of the best experiences ever…. The staff is so friendly,caring as well as kind. Dr.Wolff is a great doctor very kind with excellent patient care. Dr.Park has a gentle hand and kind words before giving you anesthesia he is the bomb. The nursing team was awesome Senequa is a great nurse made sure I was alright before I left. I will be recommending my family for a great experience as well.

- Lequan C.

If you ever have to have any type of procedure done, I highly recommend this place.

Anyone coming here is probably having to get a procedure they don’t want done. It was such a pleasant experience, you almost forget that. I had to get an endoscopy and from start to finish, everyone was extremely professional, kind and caring. The nurses put me at ease immediately, knowing I was nervous. When it came time for the procedure, my doctor held my hand and told me to think of a vacation and I went right to sleep. I woke up in the recovery room and felt great, like I had taken a pleasant nap. The person who called me before the procedure was very helpful and after, the nurse followed up to make sure I was ok. If you ever have to have any type of procedure done, I highly recommend this place.

- Jacqueline N.

They treat each patient with respect and dignity!

I saw Doctor Wolf as part of a routine procedure; A family member gave him high marks so I did my own research into his credentials, ratings, reviews, etc. Summa cum laude from Yale and Phi Beta Kappa – that certainly got my attention! He is a Professor at NYU Medical School (one of the most prestigious medical schools in the world!) Sometimes professionals have all of the credentials, but are lacking in other areas (e.g., personal interaction, social skills) – Doctor Wolf not only has a tremendous academic background, I would venture to say that he falls into the Top 1% of those physicians/surgeons that communicates extremely well and has a heart! He is a surgeon from another era, a good old-fashioned doctor who people respect and admire. I would HIGHLY recommend him! HIS STAFF ARE WELL TRAINED, ENGAGING, PROFESSIONAL and they treat each patient with respect and dignity! Bless them all! From the Front Desk to Nurses and Anesthesiologist, you are in good hands!

- Chris D.

I highly, highly recommend this place!

I was here for an endoscopy and colonoscopy and let me just start off by saying that not even the word ‘amazing’ begins to explain how greatly I enjoyed my stay here. Of course with the prep for the colonoscopy, I was pretty hungry and tired, but they made me feel so incredibly comfortable and at ease. The nurse who attended me, Olga, and the anesthesiologist who’s name I wish I could’ve gotten (he was Asian if that helps) were the most caring and attentive physicians I have ever come across. Strangely makes me want to have another endoscopy/colonoscopy just to come back here! My doctor Dr. Chua was also incredibly nice and thorough with the results. I highly, highly recommend this place!

- Mariel J.

The staff at liberty endoscopy center put me at ease immediately

This was my first endoscopy, and I was quite nervous. The staff at liberty endoscopy center put me at ease immediately. The nurses were wonderful and the anesthesiologist reassured me greatly and explained each step along the way. The procedure really was over in a flash, and I received a nice call the following day to make sure I was doing well.

- C.S.

These guys are absolutely fantastic

These guys are absolutely fantastic. I literally just had an endoscopy there today which I was freaking out about for 2 weeks (it’s been a while since I had been under any sort of anesthesia, albeit this is a very very minor dose). 

They made me feel completely comfortable and the anesthesiologist particularly was absolutely top-notch. He assuaged any fears I had and made me feel SO much better about the whole situation. 

As a person who reads a lot of Yelp reviews and worries like myself, rest assured that if you do an endoscopy at Liberty, you’re in good hands, and I would recommend them to anyone.

- Jared K.

They took such good care of me. I am so grateful

Dr. Gonzalez, Dr. Park, Olga, and the entire staff are the greatest team ever . They need to train other medical facilities on customer service, patient care, bedside manner, professionalism, and warmth. The place is so clean. 
I was there for a colonoscopy and endoscopy. They took such good care of me. I am so grateful.
Thank you! I highly recommend them to everyone

- Arsenia R.
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