Pre-Call Instructions

Your guide for a successful and seamless procedure at Liberty Endoscopy Center

1. Arrive on time. Arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to complete registration.

2. Plan your escort. You must have someone pick you up after your procedure. Escorts must be 18 years or older. Please have their name and phone number on hand to streamline the registration process. We will call your escort 30-40 minutes before you’re ready for discharge. If you do not have an escort, you may contact the organizations listed below. With advanced notice, they will schedule a medical chaperone to pick you up after your procedure and take you home. The fees for this service are set by the company you contract and are not included in your procedure fee. To learn more or to arrange a pick-up, call:

  • Devotion Home Care – (212) 706-3861
  • Discreet Medical Chaperone – (212) 472-1954

3. Keep your fast. All procedures require a fasting period prior to your appointment. If applicable, follow your doctor’s specific instructions for your fast. General instructions for procedures are:

  • Upper Endoscopy or Flexible Sigmoidoscopy: No solid foods 8 hours prior to your procedure. You may have clear liquids during this time. No clear liquids 4 hours prior to your procedure.
  • Colonoscopy: No solid food 24 hours prior to your procedure. You may have clear liquids during this time. No clear liquids 4 hours prior to your procedure.

4. Colonoscopy and Flexible Sigmoidoscopy only – Complete your bowel prep as instructed. Your doctor will prescribe your prep. Contact your doctor’s office if you do not have your prep and/or have questions.

5. Have your COVID-19 clearance ready. If you are fully vaccinated, have your proof of vaccination ready upon arrival. If you are not fully vaccinated, you must provide negative test results from a COVID-19 test taken no more than 5 days prior to your procedure, PCR or rapid tests are acceptable. Antibody tests are not accepted as clearance.
Notify your physician if you have traveled outside of New York within 14 days of your procedure or have had contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

6. Bring only what you need and dress comfortably. We will assign you a locker for your personal belongings. Bring your photo I.D., insurance card(s), proof of vaccination or COVID-19 test result, list of your medication(s), and any additional document(s) requested by your physician (e.g., a medical clearance letter). Remove any metal jewelry or piercings. Do not bring valuable items to your procedure, we cannot be held responsible if they are lost. Firearms or any other weapons are not permitted in the center.

7. If you have the capacity to get pregnant, we will ask you for a urine sample. If you are of child-bearing age and/or have had your menstrual cycle within 1 year of your appointment and/or have female reproductive organs, you must provide a urine sample to complete a urine pregnancy test prior to beginning your procedure. Exemptions to this test include hysterectomy, tubal ligation, or post-menopausal for more than 1 year. If you have met the criteria for the exemption, notify a nurse.
If you are less than 6 weeks post-partum, please notify your gastroenterologist before your appointment.

We look forward to meeting you!