What Our Patients are Saying

Liberty makes endoscopies enjoyable.

The one hour commute from Queens was well worth it. Having fasted for twelve hours, bereft of morning coffee, water or breakfast, I wasn’t in the best of moods for my endoscopy appointment.

All of that quickly changed after experiencing a high level of professionalism across the board, from my check-in with the front desk to the first bite of food in the form of a nutri grain bar presented by a nurse post scope.

I’ve been at other medical facilities for the same procedure and observed other offices that are staffed with people who really don’t care or even try to give the impression of caring. Not so at Liberty, where the friendliness was real and the experience downright pleasant.

Another plus was that my 8:30 am appointment started right on time. In so many cases the appointment time is an estimate, a ballpark figure that really requires an additional hour or so of waiting. Instead of that type of ordeal, everything fell into place from the start.

Explanations were given for every step of the procedure, my questions were answered and before I knew it I was awake and relishing the post-anesthesia sensation of euphoria.

For the yelp community of spicy food enthusiasts that may develop heartburn and gastroenterological issues from an unhealthy lifestyle of gluttony, Liberty makes endoscopies enjoyable.

- Tom K.

I had a lovely experience here

I had a lovely experience here. Very professional and private. Everyone was super helpful and was willing to explain anything I had questions about. Very clean and presentable. I definitely recommend.

- Sarah P.

This place is the gold standard

As a physician myself I am a pretty harsh critic of other docs. This place is the gold standard. Front desk welcoming and helpful and clinical staff top notch. Was here for colonoscopy and appointment was 9am. I was drifting off from the anesthesia at 8:55am. Awake by 9:30am. Dr Wolff who did the procedure has an excellent bedside manner. Explained everything thoroughly as did all the clinical staff. Place is very clean as well.

I see other reviewers complaining about billing. Being in practice myself I find it gets more difficult every year as insurers increasingly give my staff incorrect information. Happens at my office all the time. Ultimately having correct insurance information is the patient’s responsibility. Before my procedure I contacted my insurer and had them send me a letter indicating what my out of pocket costs would be. I would suggest to anyone having any treatment to check with your carrier and get this information prior to your visit(s).

If there is one complaint I have about my experience here it was with a couple in the waiting room who were eating some great looking egg and cheese sandwiches. Colonoscopies require a 24 hour fast. It was torture!

- Carlo F.

This was one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had!

Had to have a Colonoscopy done. (Over 50) This was one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had aside from my own primary care physician! All of the staff were and are amazing and professional. I was totally at ease and felt completely comfortable and safe before, during and after my procedure. I highly recommend Liberty Endoscopy Center!

- Brian K.